Our Mission – Learning Results: Spirit

Christbridge Academy’s program is designed to train the whole person for a life of excellence.

A series of nine expected schoolwide learning results have been constructed to reflect our philosophy, purpose, and program. They are divided into three areas of focus that interrelate: Spirit, Scholarship, and Service. Thus, a student who successfully completes CBA’s program will reflect the following:


These goals are accomplished through daily Bible and Personal Values classes, weekly chapels, and daily involvement between school personnel and students which create a clear understanding and foster growth in the following areas:

  • Each student will be encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ based on Biblical truths.
  • Each student will demonstrate personal development and character formation reflective of their appropriate level of maturity in light of God’s Word and Christ’s values.
  • Each student will demonstrate conduct which exemplifies personal growth and active participation in the Kingdom of God and therefore the local community.