All but one of CBA graduates have gone on to college and done well. We assist our high school students in a number of ways to select a college and to complete the process of applying for entrance and for financial aid.

  1. College Tour Field Trips: Each fall we take the juniors and seniors on trips to visit and tour a few local colleges and universities so that they can begin to select a school.
  2. Christian College Fair: Each fall we encourage the students and their parents to attend the Christian College Fair, which is usually held in Pasadena. Approximately 40 colleges have representatives at the fair who hand out lots of information and can answer your questions about their schools. A financial aid seminar is also held to help parents understand the process of applying for aid.
  3. The Christian Connector: This is a free service which acts as a bridge between high school students and Christ-centered colleges, universities, Bible colleges, and missions organizations. Each year, CBA students complete a short survey and then their names and addresses are provided to the types of institutions which match the students’ interests. The student then receives information in the mail from those institutions. Their site is
  4. Financial Aid: Each fall we provide the seniors with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, which is the fundamental financial aid application form used by nearly all public and private colleges and universities. We will be glad to provide any assistance needed to students or parents in completing this form.
  5. Scholarship Information: We provide scholarship information to our students as it is sent to us throughout the year. We also encourage our students to use the free scholarship search service available at
  6. PSAT: We administer the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) test once each year in the fall at CBA. This test is excellent practice for the SAT, and though all high school students are welcome to take it, we especially encourage all 10th and 11th grade students to take it.
  7. SAT: It is important for all college-bound juniors and seniors to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) at least once. We suggest that students take it twice because scores generally rise on the second try. We provide our students with registration forms and test dates. This information is also available online.
  8. Advanced Placement Courses: Through the AP program, high school students can take advanced courses and, if they do well, can earn college credit. A service is available at that offers AP courses for a fee. CBA will monitor the student’s progress, and give the appropriate credit upon completion.