At CBA, we seek to maintain a testimony of good stewardship in faithfully meeting our financial obligations to the business community and to our own staff and personnel. However, this can only be done if parents are committed to be faithful and punctual in payment of tuition and fees.

Forms of Payment

Payments may be made by cash, money order, check, or credit or debit card in the school office. A wire transfer for international students is permitted but will incur extra fees since the school is charged for those transfers. Returned checks will also incur extra fees for the fees that the school is charged. Parents who pay by cash or money order should ask for a receipt from the school office.


Annual tuition is due in September. Families may contact the school to set up a monthly, quarterly, or other payment plan. An invoice is sent to the families each month as a reminder of what is due. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to pay tuition fees on time according to their plan agreed upon by the school.

Miscellaneous Fees

There is currently no application fee at CBA. There is, however, an annual registration fee that is due in the Spring to hold a student’s place for the fall. Other fees include but are not limited to book fees, which vary, co-curricular activities fees, some special field trips, class fees, and the like.