English Language Development Program

Christbridge Academy is blessed to offer an English Language Development Program to students whose native language is not English. The following is designed to assist our international students, families, and guardians to make the smoothest transition possible into our school community.

English Only Campus

At CBA, we believe that the best possible way for students to learn English is to be immersed in English. Therefore, English is the only language allowed to be spoken on campus except for students during Spanish language classes. It is our desire to assist students to become competent and confident in English as soon as they are able to, and we do this by immersing them in an English-only environment. International students who desire to be part of the CBA community must actively support this policy.

ELD (English Language Development) Classes

CBA’s ELD program is designed to have international students proficient in English after a year in our intensive program, which also requires after-school tutoring. For students who are unable to get up to grade level, another year or certain classes may be required the following year. The ELD classes include Bible, Conversation, Reading, Grammar, and Composition.